Priest Gem Lists, Level 80

This table shows the most popular gems by spec. 'Popularity' compares the total count of gems to the count of characters who have at least one gem. So, popularity can be greater than 100% because the same gem can be socketed multiple times per character.The sample size is 46752 level 80 Priests from the US and EU armouries. The gem names are links to Wowhead.

Gem Colour Popularity
Discipline Builds
Runed Cardinal Ruby red 215%
Purified Dreadstone purple 130%
Reckless Ametrine orange 102%
Luminous Ametrine orange 88%
Brilliant King's Amber yellow 51%
Insightful Earthsiege Diamond meta 42%
Quick King's Amber yellow 35%
Royal Dreadstone purple 30%
Glowing Dreadstone purple 27%
Potent Ametrine orange 27%
Runed Scarlet Ruby red 27%
Ember Skyflare Diamond meta 22%
Mysterious Dreadstone purple 18%
Runed Dragon's Eye red 17%
Durable Ametrine orange 16%
Brilliant Autumn's Glow yellow 15%
Sparkling Majestic Zircon blue 15%
Seer's Eye of Zul green 15%
Holy Builds
Purified Dreadstone purple 216%
Runed Cardinal Ruby red 164%
Reckless Ametrine orange 124%
Luminous Ametrine orange 92%
Brilliant King's Amber yellow 60%
Sparkling Majestic Zircon blue 50%
Quick King's Amber yellow 50%
Insightful Earthsiege Diamond meta 43%
Seer's Eye of Zul green 34%
Intricate Eye of Zul green 26%
Ember Skyflare Diamond meta 24%
Runed Scarlet Ruby red 24%
Potent Ametrine orange 23%
Sparkling Sky Sapphire blue 21%
Brilliant Autumn's Glow yellow 16%
Royal Dreadstone purple 16%
Runed Dragon's Eye red 13%
Purified Twilight Opal purple 12%
Shadow Builds
Runed Cardinal Ruby red 243%
Reckless Ametrine orange 179%
Purified Dreadstone purple 175%
Chaotic Skyflare Diamond meta 46%
Quick King's Amber yellow 34%
Potent Ametrine orange 33%
Runed Scarlet Ruby red 32%
Runed Dragon's Eye red 21%
Luminous Ametrine orange 20%
Mysterious Dreadstone purple 19%
Brilliant King's Amber yellow 16%
Glowing Dreadstone purple 15%
Ember Skyflare Diamond meta 13%
Smooth King's Amber yellow 12%